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Given gravitas by Christian imagery and a mood of millennial survivalist desperation, this pulp procedural joins a long line of films that sell themselves by way of the very depravity and malignant moral imagination they pretend to deplore. Ann Hornaday 1/2 Thanks for Sharing (R) Although Blumbergs script focuses on the fraught romance between Adam and Phoebe, it is, improbably, the relationship between Neil, whom most people would consider a creep, and Dede, a woman who might once have been called a nymphomaniac, that is the films sweetest pleasure. Their platonic friendship (yes, platonic!) is rendered with great humor, poignancy and dignity. Michael OSullivan (No rating) The Wizard of Oz 3D IMAX (PG) Seeing The Wizard of Oz on the big screen also offers an opportunity to consider the incredible special effects, considering the film was shot more than seven decades ago and long before computer-generated imagery. The black-and-white scenes of Dorothy battling against the wind as a twister approaches were especially transporting. Stephanie Merry 1/2 Wadjda (PG) Youre seeing a world on screen that, until now, has been largely hidden from the filmgoing world at large. Because in addition to being a terrific garden-variety coming-of-age film, Wadjda happens to be the first feature-length movie ever made in Saudi Arabia all the more notable in that its been made by a woman, about a young girl chafing against the religious and social strictures of a kingdom literally shrouded in sexual anxiety, misogyny and severe repression. Ann Hornaday 1/2 Salinger (PG-13) While much of the movie consists of variations on this same theme that Salinger was a brilliant, flawed man the film also delves into more salacious matters, including the role of Catcher in the shootings of Ronald Reagan, John Lennon and Rebecca Schaeffer (gunmen John Hinckley Jr., Mark David Chapman and Robert John Bardo were all fans of the novel). Stephanie Merry The Henchmans War (Unrated) Greene, a native Washingtonian with a handful of local directorial and co-producing credits on his resume, has an eye for urban grit and an ear for tough-guy dialogue. He makes excellent use of his shadowy locations, lending War the coveted visual grime that enhances such pulp-noir material. Sean OConnell 1/2 Battle of the Year (PG-13) Lee is attempting to keep a spotlight shining on b-boy culture, an aggressive style of street dancing that consists of body-contorting twists, flips, leaps, spins and poses set to hip-hop music. Lee showcased this next level of competitive breakdancing in his award-winning 2008 documentary Planet B-Boy , and a feature film building on that awareness makes complete sensejust not five years later, when the fad appears to have faded. Sean OConnell My Lucky Star (Unrated) Bringing Sophies comics to life, the movie interjects drawings and animated sequences. The camera spins excitedly, and the editing is brisk. Split-screen compositions evoke the 1960s, as do Sophies pop-art ensembles, which include a lilac wig with matching lipstick. This girlie romp is less about martial arts and espionage than stuffed animals and dress-up. Mark Jenkins 1/2 Good OlFreda (PG) Ryan White weaves in archival footage of girls fainting and images of old headlines. The soundtrack consists primarily of Beatles covers. While the tales of the bands spectacular rise create a genial mood, the film feels superficial. Kelly can be cagey, and when a voice offscreen asks if she ever dated any of the guys, she demurs, saying, Thats personal. Stephanie Merry 1/2 Ip Man: The Final Fight (PG-13) The showiest action sequence involves lion dancers who battle atop high wooden posts.

Lost Film Finally Restored

PHOTO: Lost Mary Pickford Film

Pickford, known as “America’s Sweetheart,” was one of Hollywood’s earliest stars. She was a co-founder of the United Artists film studio and helped establish the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. She retired from acting in 1933 and died in 1979. The 10-minute comedy-drama stars Pickford and her first husband, Owen Moore, as newlyweds having their first argument. The first minute or so was destroyed, but the rest was in remarkably good condition, Benaquist said. He quickly determined that one of the reels was a lost 1913 silent film about Abraham Lincoln. But it took longer to identify the Pickford film because the 35 mm celluloid had stuck to itself. Once a lab was able to separate the layers, Benaquist reached out to Schmidt. “I was really stunned, because a lot of those early films, you just figure they’re gone,” Schmidt said Monday. “For that one to turn up was really exciting.” Pickford had been known only as “Little Mary,” ”The Girl with the Curls” and “The Biograph” girl, after her former studio, but that changed after “Their First Misunderstanding,” Benaquist said. “Now she was an actor with clout, and I think she used that to great advantage,” he said. One clip of the restored film shows Pickford bounding into the room and confronting her husband about an invitation from someone she doesn’t particularly like. “You see the whole range of emotions in that clip playful, annoyed, loving and worried,” Schmidt said. Massie, who also rescued an old projector from the barn in the town of Nelson, said the owner had told him he could keep whatever he found.

‘Presto’: Foxtel launches movies on demand

However, we here at MTV News hope that Ronan will land the part whatever that mysterious role may be. On that note, let’s take a look at another “Star Wars” Expanded Universe character that could potentially pop up in the new “Star Wars” trilogy: Sharad Hett, the Jedi Knight turned Tusken Raider warlord. Who? Born on an unknown planet located in the Outer Rim, Sharad Hett was given to the Jedi Order when he was just an infant. After being inducted into the Jedi Academy at the Coruscant Jedi Temple, he would later go on to become the Padawan of a Jedi Master known as Eeth Koth. Eventually, Sharad’s status as a Jedi Knight would go on to surpass that of his own master. While Sharad became a skilled Jedi, his yearning to be with his family back on his homeworld grew exponentially resulting in Sharad’s resignation in order to be reunited with them for good. However, much to Sharad’s dismay, upon his arrival he discovers that his entire family has been murdered by a group of his most notorious enemies. With that, Sharad exiles himself to the deserts of Tatooine and becomes the warlord of a tribe of Tusken Raiders. Why? Prior to the events of the Clone Wars, Sharad Hett was a famed Jedi Knight known throughout the galaxy.

The major difference is that Michael Caine in the Dark Knight films seems to be mostly filled with a mass of sage advice where the others are a lot more selfless in their actions. All versions of Alfred show that they love and care for the versions of Bruce Wayne/Batman and want to help the boy they helped to raise. 9. Officer Anne Lewis from the RoboCop movies- Anne Lewiss partner, Alex Murphy, died in the line of duty and was reanimated as the cyborg RoboCop. She realized who he was and helped him recover his humanity. Throughout the three movies she showed her skills until her untimely demise. She stayed the course with all the glitches and emotional problems of Murphy and that made her a strong asset. Considering the hellhole that she patrolled, she was a collected individual and went into just about every situation with the poise that youd expect from a professional police officer. 8. Sallah from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade- Indiana Jones knows when he needs someone he can count on he can call on Sallah. As one of the strongest excavators in Egypt, Sallah is faithful and a strong friend.

The long winter after the failure of the dot com boom a decade ago is finally over: Australias startup spring is here , and its energy is infectious. Appointing Dr Ziggy to run NBN Co is a terrible idea [D2] Ziggy Switkowski spent just one year at Optus, led Telstra into a deep stasis in the 2000s and hasnt touched the telco industry for the past decade. And yet Malcolm Turnbull reportedly thinks hed make a great choice to run NBN Co. Here’s why he’s wrong . 50 things top IT pros need to know [ad] This 18 page whitepaper ( click here to access ) explores 10 things you should know to become an epic IT manager, 40 other essential tips to advance your IT career and practical guidance for starting an IT consulting business. Great articles on other sites Inside South Australia’s e-health transformation project Turnbulls first 100 days: Tough times ahead for a new Minister Intellectual Property , News – Written by Renai LeMay on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 13:04 – 8 Comments Presto: Foxtel launches movies on demand Tags: android , apple , foxtel , foxtel go , foxtel play , foxtel presto , iptv , mac , movies on demand , pc , presto , tablet news National pay TV giant Foxtel has launched a new online service dubbed Presto , which will see consumers charged $24.99 per month to access a regularly updating collection of great films, all streamed through the Internet, as opposed to its existing pay TV platform. In a statement issued yesterday, the company said Prestos launch, slated for later this year, aligns perfectly with the increasing appetite for movie content delivered over the internet across different devices. It will feature content already licensed to the Foxtel Movies channels, including access to the biggest box office releases of 2012 at launch along with on demand access to the Foxtel Movies vault of recent and older favourite movies Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel Chief Executive, said: Australians are hungry for different ways to experience great entertainment when they want and how they want. The launch of Presto as a second brand allows us to meet the needs of different customer segments more effectively and is another way Foxtel is continuing to make its content more accessible. Foxtel offers distinctive ways to watch: the market-leading full Foxtel service for the whole family, complete with the widest range of channels, high quality products like iQ, HD and Foxtel Go. We also offer flexible and spontaneous access to our content with Foxtel Play. Presto is the next major step in offering customers a product thats just right for them. Presto will be a great online service for movie lovers with streaming through an intuitive interface and great movies backed by curated collections, recommendations and critics reviews. Our aim is to utilise Foxtels assets and expertise in a smart way to capture a healthy share of the growing digital market.