Salma Hayek: I Dress For My Husband (photo)

Splashing her cash: Salma Hayek goes girly in pastel pink as she hits the designer boutiques with her family

Get anything good? Salma left the Fred Segal store with a number of bags

So when Salma Hayek voices an alternative fashion motivation, we find her honesty refreshing. In July’s InStyle , cover girl Salma admits that her primary inspiration for putting together a good outfit is her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault : “Im not really a fashionista. I have an eye; I can pull it together, but a lot of the effort I make is for my husband because I want him to be attracted to me.” Surely Salma and Francios work hard to keep the spark alive in their relationship; the 46-year-old actress has admitted to sexting , and we’d imagine her affinity for leather keeps their relationship spicy as well. “My husband loves when I wear it,” Salma says. Ironically, wives have an awful lot of sartorial power over their husbands, as studies have revealed that guys rely on their ladies’ fashion advice when getting dressed. But when it’s a woman’s turn to suit up, some, like Salma, seem to let men’s opinions influence them instead. Would you change your outfit based on your partner’s opinion? PHOTO: Think she had Francois in mind for these looks? Loading Slideshow With husband Francois-Henri Pinault. Getty Images May 2, 2011

Salma Hayek: My Daughter ‘Always Makes Me Laugh’

On a recent morning, Hayek tells InStyle , she was feeling jet-lagged after having flown to Los Angeles from Paris the night before, when Valentina ran into her room. Valentina jumped on my bed and hugged me, and I go, What are you doing? You scared me! Hayek, 45, tells the magazine in its July issue. She started giggling and said to me, You desperately needed my energy. I was so surprised she said that. A 4-year-old! And she was so right, the actress adds. Hayek and her husband , French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault , split much of their familys time between Paris and L.A. But while their routine can certainly be exhausting, Hayek says, Valentina doesnt mind the hectic lifestyle and traveling schedule. Were lucky because she loves traveling , Hayek explains. For her its second nature. If I put her in a school in Spain because Im doing a movie there, shes excited about this new experience with other kids and the teachers. And when she leaves, she does so with no sorrow. She remembers them and talks about them and loves them, but she doesnt have the anxiety or sadness none of that. After spending her days juggling responsibilities as a wife, mother, actress and businesswoman, Hayek says she enjoys decompressing in the evenings by reading things like Dr. Seuss books to Valentina.

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Hitting the shops: Salma Hayek enjoys an afternoon of spending as she browses the designer boutiques of West Hollywood with family members The simple dress featured a slight flared skirt which showed off Salmas toned legs, set off by a pair of wedge peep toe sandals. The star tied some of her natural curls back for a half up, half down do to keep cool in the Los Angeles heat. That’s a good boy! Salma Hayek offers Jimmy Fallon an affectionate pat as she plays a bar game with the comedian Salma finished her girly look with a chic cream shoulder bag and matching sunglasses. The actress was obviously hoping to add to her glam wardrobe as she hit the Fred Segal store, departing with a number of shopping bags. Pretty in pink: Salma chose a simple but chic pale pink dress for her family day out, perfect for the summery weather Salma was joined on her shopping spree by various family members who she was spoted laughing and chatting with as they walked around the upmarket boutiques. The actress most likely relished her down time with her nearest and dearest, which comes in the middle of a hectic few months. Fresh from promoting her reprisal role as Adam Sandlers wife in Grown Ups 2, Salma has thrown herself into her next project, animated film The Prophet. Get anything good? Salma left the Fred Segal store with a number of bags Salma will lend her vocal talents to the film alongside The Office star John Krasinski, Frank Langella, Alfred Molina and Beasts of the Southern Wild Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis. The Prophet is an adaptation of the 1923 collection of 26 prose poetry essays by Lebanese artist, philosopher and writer Kahil Gibran. The actress will also serve as producer for the project, working with writer-director Roger Allers, who has helped create a string of Disney classics including The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. Fashion lover: Salma Hayek proved her love for girly dresses when she stepped out in another pretty ensemble earlier this month Summery: Salma flaunted her curves in this white hot dress on a trip to her lawyers office Each of the classics chapters, which explore various life themes, will be directed by a different award-winning filmmaker with Allers coordinating the process.