Rival High Schools Unleash Food Fight For The Ages

Go For the Food: Ocean City, Md for Crabs & Carbs

They know all too well after having to clean up what can only be described as a food fight for the ages. Last Saturday, students from O’Connor and Brandeis high schools both descended on a local Whataburger restaurant after a hotly contested and controversial game. While the teens were enjoying their burgers, fries and drinks, someone decided to add a new, messy chapter to the schools’ rivalry. According to the San Antonio Express-News , an intense 30-second food fight broke out between dozens of students and quickly turned the restaurant into an absolute mess. Video of the craziness has been posted online and shows food and drinks flying in every direction as nearly the entire restaurant joins in on the melee. Luckily for the food fight participants, the fast food chain does not plan on pressing charges, Clearly the rivalry between select students from these two high schools got out of hand … that required our team to close the dining area for 30 minutes to clean up the mess, the company said in a statement. School district officials are investigating, but say available videos of the fight do not provide enough clear evidence to single out any one person for discipline. The football game the students were coming back from was equally chaotic.According to KENS-TV in San Antonio, Brandeis came away with a stunning win over O’Connor. O’Connor had taken a 10-9 lead on a field goal with eight seconds to go. But on what should have been the last play of the game, Brandeis was able to move the ball onto O’Connor’s side of the field through several laterals in a last ditch attempt to score. Brandeis’ offense was stopped short of the goal line, but because several O’Connor players had left the sideline to celebrate before the play was actually over, a penalty was called. The additional yards gave Brandeis’ kicker just enough additional yards to attempt — and make — a winning field goal with no time left. See even more irresistible stories . More News

Ocean City has long been a shore destination for those in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. It features numerous hotels, condos, charming motels, mini-golf courses and a colorful boardwalk that’s awash in popcorn stands, fried foods and frozen custards. A destination in and of itself, its dining is something to be experienced, particularly the crabs. Once you’ve checked in, dipped your toes in the Atlantic and taken a stroll down the beach, travel down Philadelphia Avenue and look for The Crab Stop, a small, sparse but richly decorated shop nestled in a strip mall next to a Chinese takeout. It’s been open for nine years and owner and operator Al Catrino, a devout fan of Alabama football (he’s not averse to pulling out his signed photo of legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant), steams fresh crabs to order as well as mixes up his wife’s crab cake recipe. “She’s perfected it and I won’t say what it is,” he says, but quickly says the most important ingredient in “Nana’s Killer No Filler” cakes is the “fresh Maryland crab.” He’ll also steam up crab legs and shrimp, too, but those are frozen a fact he makes sure diners know. Though most people call in an order ahead of time and hit The Crab Stop for takeout, there are a couple tables inside. “We fired the waiter nine years ago,” he declares, quickly adding, “That’s just a joke. We’ve never had a waiter.” The crab cakes are soft and melt on the tongue, so much so that if you’re not mindful, you may find yourself going through one, two and even three servings before catching your breath. There’s the ritual Old Bay seasoning to garnish it, but Catrino’s preparations feature the right blend of spices to leave a lasting impression. Afterward, it’s worth strolling down the main drag to the boardwalk, taking in the sights. There’s numerous beach-inspired shops selling skim boards, swim suits and hermit crabs.