Music’s Super Tuesday: Drake, Sting, Kings Of Leon, Icona Pop, Elton John And Cher All Have New Cds

Sweet music to their ears

Even though the holes in the ground have since been filled, the traces left by drills and blue markings are still visible below a thin layer of autumn leaves. Authorities granted permission for the undertaking in “a bid for clarity,” and before too long, the story was making headlines in local papers. “The Hunt for Nazi Gold,” the Garmisch-Partenkirchner Tagblatt called it. Residents’ reactions range from annoyed to amused. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” says one. “I can’t wait to see what they find down there,” says another. Behind it all is 51-year-old Leon Giesen, a Dutch filmmaker and musician with a tantalizing theory. He is convinced that Nazi treasure is languishing below Mittenwald’s roads — gold or diamonds, at the very least. The whole idea of Nazi gold has long held a grip on the public imagination, and as a former Nazi stronghold, Bavaria provides fertile soil for many an aspiring Indiana Jones. In 1944, with the Allies and the Soviet Army threatening to advance, it was here that Heinrich Himmler, one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, planned to build an Alpine Fortress — a national redoubt where Nazi Germany would fight from until the end. And that’s not all. In April 1945, the Wehrmacht armed forces and officials of the Reichsbank approved a plan to store at least part of the reserves of the German Reichsbank at Einsiedl, a small town on the southwest shore of Lake Walchen.

Heres our guide: Drake 3 Stars No more Mr. Nice Guy roles will do for Drake. On the third CD by the worlds first major Jewish/Canadian hip-hop star, you wont find any more moping about a lost love, or any striving to be accepted as a major rap player. Drake’s new CD, ‘Nothing Was the Same’ Thats a risk. Both approaches played key parts in the distinction, and appeal, of Drakes biggest album, 2011s Take Care. To the contrary, this time the star declares, Im on my worst behavior, setting up a long run of raps favored activities: chest-pumping, argument-starting and score-settling. Right at the start, Drake evens the playing field with one of raps giants, boasting Im as famous as my mentor (i.e., Lil Wayne). From there, he whips out declarations like Im the kid with the motormouth/Im the one you should worry about, Im holding all the cards/and nas wanna play chess, or simply Im the big homie. In his new music, Drake isnt being especially ingratiating or cottoning to commercial expectations, not that he ever did. Yet, even more so than before, the songs float and wander rather than punch or force. Its not an original approach. Kanye Wests 808s & Heartbreak and Kid Cudis Man on the Moon pioneered this arty, understated and internalized style for hip hop. Drake has a comeback for that, too.

1 Related View Larger Leita Cowart There were no paid lobbyists for this bill. It passed because of a huge grassroots effort, said Jamie George, owner/director of the Georgia Center for Music Therapy. View Larger Leita Cowart Autism patient Jordyn Moore rewards Jamie George with a hug after a session at the George Center for Music Therapy in Roswell. Sponsored Links By Laura Raines Pulse editor On May 2 of last year, Georgia became the third state in the nation to require licensure for music therapists. The minimum credential to practice music therapy in the state is the MT-BC (music therapist board certified). The new law is considered a win by people who work in the growing profession and anyone seeking music therapy. As the demand for alternative therapies continues to grow, it is crucial to strengthen the law, which governs how music therapists practice in Georgia, said state Sen. Renee Unterman, R-Buford, who sponsored the bill. With the passing of SB 414, patients can rest assured knowing their music therapist is operating under the highest level of professionalism. Music therapy in the broadest sense has a long history. Using music therapeutically goes back to the beginning of time, really; every culture has examples of it. We find David playing his harp to soothe King Saul in the Bible, said Jamie George, owner/director of the Georgia Center for Music Therapy in Roswell. But the clinical history of the profession only goes back about 60 years. After World War II, musicians played for veterans in hospitals and nurses noticed that patients had higher oxygen levels and lower blood pressure afterward.

Twitter said to hire ex-Topspin exec to head music effort

Twitter said to hire ex-Topspin exec to head music effort Marketing exec Bob Moczydlowsky has been hired to lead expansion of the microblogging service’s nascent music platform, according to AllThingsD. Follow @stevenmusil Twitter has reportedly hired a new head of music, filling a key position at the microblogging service that has been vacant for the past month. Bob Moczydlowsky, former senior vice president of product and marketing at Topspin Media, has been hired as Twitter’s new music partnerships leader, a position vacated a month ago by Tatiana Simonian, according to AllThingsD . Moczydlowsky, who is expected to join Twitter in the coming weeks, will be tasked with attracting music industry partners and artists to the company’s nascent music platform, according to the report. Moczydlowsky has not yet updated his LinkedIn or Twitter profiles, but he responded to congratulatory tweets about the new position with messages of thanks. CNET has contacted Twitter for comment and will update this report when we learn more. Related stories Emmys tune up 17,000 tweets per minute The hire comes amid an aggressive Twitter campaign to strengthen its ties to the entertainment industry. In April, the company confirmed it had acquired music discovery service We Are Hunted and then promptly launched its much-rumored #Music app , which lets people find new music by seeing both what their friends and artists they enjoy are listening to. This summer, Twitter started letting TV advertisers target ads to its users , and last month it acquired Trendrr , a social media analytics company that focuses on television and serves big brands like ABC, MTV, Telemundo, and Univision. Topics: