Music Of Beatles Plays Role In Local Author’s New Novel Set On ’70s Tuscarora Reservation

Music Review: Drake plays melancholy king on introspective 3rd album ‘Nothing Was the Same’

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By Associated Press, Drake, Nothing Was the Same (Cash Money) Drake warns us whats coming on his new album Nothing Was the Same, laying out a mission statement of sorts on sprawling opener Tuscan Leather. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas This is nothin for the radio/but theyll still play it though/Cause its that new Drizzy Drake/thats just the way it go. The most anticipated rap album of the year is here and Nothing Was the Same is probably nothing like you expected. Drakes third album is introspective, practically guest free and every bit as sonically brave as Kanye Wests Yeezus though not quite so abrasively bold. Drakes right. There are no radio cuts here a predictable inevitability after he debuted Started from the Bottom last winter. That song was nothing like the music Drake released on 2011s top album, the Grammy Award-winning Take Care. Yet it got stronger, more mesmerizing and meaningful with each play, and it remains among the most streamed songs in a year overstuffed with sickly sweet pop tunes. While there were introspective lyrics and moments on Take Care, the album was filled with songs meant to be played at top volume with the windows rolled down. The party is over now. Nothing is for dark rooms and headphones. There are few hooks here, almost no choruses, not much to sing along to. The heart-on-his-sleeve rapper with a million friends and the tightest of crews seems all alone here after ridding himself of fake friends, trying to sort out why all the success, the money, the drugs and the women leave him with a hollow feeling. He tells us over the course of the album how his relationships with his family and friends, like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, have been strained.

Twitter said to hire ex-Topspin exec to head music effort

Lewis mother, who works off the books cleaning houses for rich people in Lewiston, doesnt want outsiders visiting their house, the second-worst house on the reservation: I looked at the places where our walls were covered with plastic stapled to insulation, and at the newspaper under the water pail where we kept drinking water from the hand pump outside to say nothing of the slop pail in the corner. I heard a dog nosing in the closed-off kitchen at the back, where part of the roof had caved in one bad winter. Lewis qualifies for the free lunch at school, his socks have holes in them and part of the money from his summer job goes to his mother to help pay the bills. Asked about his own childhood on the reservation, Gansworth says, Though it didnt resemble middle America very much, I dont think I had a particularly remarkable boyhood, by reservation standards. Most of my friends at that time had similar experiences, or seemed to from my vantage point, hanging out at their houses. A lot of my time was spent in the company of a ton of cousins. His childhood home burned to the ground in 1994, he said. I write about it a lot, its still very present in my imagination. Like Lewis Blake, Gansworth attended the Tuscarora Reservation School for elementary grades, then had to start over making friends in junior high. What I remember most is that friendships were often woeful misfires or happy accidents. My longest-standing nonreservation friendship is with someone I met in middle school when a teacher seated them together because we were both acting up in math class. His passion for music started early, a benefit of being the little brother in a household of much older siblings, teenagers who were extremely immersed in their passion for music. He says he was only 3 or 4 years old when he got his first two 45s: the Beatles Hey Jude and Daydream Believer by the Monkees. As my musical education went forward, I found the kinds of things I liked, so I would quiz my siblings, and say who is this? Every time I did, every time it was the same answer, always Its the Beatles, Its the members of the Beatles afterward. In the novel, Lewis Blake treats his record albums with reverence, listening to them at night on a stereo in the bedroom he shares with his Uncle Albert, a marvelous character, named, of course, for the McCartney tune. I have all my old vinyl; I cant part with it, Gansworth says. Hes also a fan of album covers.

Eric Gansworth, local novelist, visual artist and poet from the Tuscarora Reservation, will mark the release of his first Young Adult novel Thursday at Canisius College.

Twitter said to hire ex-Topspin exec to head music effort Marketing exec Bob Moczydlowsky has been hired to lead expansion of the microblogging service’s nascent music platform, according to AllThingsD. Follow @stevenmusil Twitter has reportedly hired a new head of music, filling a key position at the microblogging service that has been vacant for the past month. Bob Moczydlowsky, former senior vice president of product and marketing at Topspin Media, has been hired as Twitter’s new music partnerships leader, a position vacated a month ago by Tatiana Simonian, according to AllThingsD . Moczydlowsky, who is expected to join Twitter in the coming weeks, will be tasked with attracting music industry partners and artists to the company’s nascent music platform, according to the report. Moczydlowsky has not yet updated his LinkedIn or Twitter profiles, but he responded to congratulatory tweets about the new position with messages of thanks. CNET has contacted Twitter for comment and will update this report when we learn more. Related stories The secret company behind Twitter’s TV takeover The hire comes amid an aggressive Twitter campaign to strengthen its ties to the entertainment industry. In April, the company confirmed it had acquired music discovery service We Are Hunted and then promptly launched its much-rumored #Music app , which lets people find new music by seeing both what their friends and artists they enjoy are listening to. This summer, Twitter started letting TV advertisers target ads to its users , and last month it acquired Trendrr , a social media analytics company that focuses on television and serves big brands like ABC, MTV, Telemundo, and Univision. Topics: