Great sex positions to try with London escorts

Is your wife, fiance or girlfriend adamant? Such women who don’t yield to men’s adventurous nature. Here is some good news for you. If at home you don’t have the opportunity to try new positions, London escort girls are willing to allow you do so. Go ahead, try out one of the many London escort agencies available in London and seek their excellent services.

Whether you saw it in a sex video or taught by a friend, this girls will do exactly that. What’s more, the girls are stunningly beautiful. Most of the London escort agencies provide check boxes try GB London escorts to allow you make precise specifications on the features you want in desired London escort . This service’s charges and fees at most agencies are pocket friendly.
Various positions arouse women in different ways. They add flavour to sexual intercourse and can actually make the woman cum severally. Just like most men feel honoured when they make a date with an high class London escorts , for women hardly cum. If you are this kind of man read on to find out how to fulfil your ego.

Women get aroused progressively and you should take your time for the best results. In view of this, you might want to consider conducting a warm-up session. This is what many people would refer to as foreplay. You can begin by entering your wet fingers into her vagina. Once inside, curve them upwards and start making movements. Start with slow movements and as time goes by, increase your speed. Concurrently, you can use your other hand to rub her clitoris. You will get surprised how excited she gets. If you want to keep this going for some time, lick her clitoris with your tongue and see how wild she gets.

Once done with foreplay, penetrate her with your manhood. Doing this with her on top, makes her feel in control and movements will be more flexible. It also gives room to more clitoral stimulation and that turns her on all the more. This is good but can have painful consequences on you. In case the girl gets to excited she might heighten the movements and end up hurting your penis. To avoid this hold her hips to guide her movements.
Another good idea is entering her from the behind. The woman on all fours raises her buttocks to allow enough room for penetration. You can then penetrate her kneeling or squatting (this depends on your height). This puts you at a strategic point and you can rub her clitoris while at it. If timing is right, you might end up Cumming at the same time. If you are more adventurous, you can use this for anal sex. What most people don’t know is that the anus has more nerve endings than the vagina and this can cause more pleasure for the woman. Better still, the firm feel of the anus on the penis has an intriguing feeling.


Another style recommended is doing it while standing. This creates more sex time and might even delay your ejaculation. Delaying ejaculation is actually good for it give you more time to penetrate her. You go for longer and you might end up Cumming at the same time.
This and many more postures well used, can give you the much-needed sexual gratification. What more you end up satisfying your escorts in London and this only makes it all the more fascinating . Get yourself a high class London escorts today and try out the various positions available with a professional. After all escort girl London aim at satisfying clients in all manners possible and you don’t need to beg them for sexual favours.